A gray day in Canmore from Graham Twomey on Vimeo.

"Canmore is a beautiful mountain town nestled in the Canadian Rockies. I was looking forward to shooting some time lapse of the mountains on my day off. The day was over cast and no mountains could be seen. I was disappointed. At about 4PM I decided to take my dog for a walk (or he decided) and brought my camera. I keep telling people its a lot of fun finding the beauty in the mundane. I thought I would put my imagination and camera to the test."

Video by Graham Twomey

Group Photography from Banff Photography on Vimeo.

No matter the challenge, Banff Photography is more than capable of handling it! Above is a video displaying our most recent group photo, a group of 170 done for General Electric! If you are looking for someone to tackle your staff portraits in the Canadian Rockies give us a call at (403) 762-3562 or e-mail us at info@banffphotography.com.

Director of Photography’s Photo/Video of the day:

This was taken on a very cold winter night in Regina Saskatchewan.  I on assignment shooting a hotel and stuck in my room as it was -37 outside.  I looked out the window and huge snow flakes were falling and the city was glowing orange.  I like to say it was orange because of all the lights reflecting off the huge snow flakes…. not sure if that is true or not but I am sticking with that story.  Looking out at this amazing light I just had to brave the cold and get a few images.  This is a 360 with a bracket of 9.  The snow flakes are not visible because of the long exposure.

Nikon D300 Tokina 11-16mm

Director of Photography’s Photo/Video of the day:

A Chinook arch over the famous rock just outside Okotoks  near Calgary Alberta.  I was sent by a friend of mine to do some spec shots of this rock.  Timing was good that day and a truly amazing Chinook arch formed over the rock.  This is the rock that Big Rock Beer is named for.

Hasselblad H1 Imacon Digital back 80mm lens (this is a single row stitch shot)